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Grazing on Gwydir

Grazing on Gwydir At its last meeting the Bingara Business Support Group confirmed a date for Grazing on Gwydir, Saturday 24th April. It will be held...


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Bingara Sport

History across the region

Unsolved Mysteries: William Thomas Appleton

Unsolved mysteries: William Thomas Appleton The unsolved mystery of William Thomas Appleton’s disappearance was something his family had to live with for decades. And...

History through newspaper articles across the region

History through newspaper articles enables us to trace the development of towns, the communities, the people, the industries, society life and enterprise. This week...


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Police News this week 17th February 2021

Police News This Week

Bingara Pre School Group Photo: The Local

Bingara Preschool

The Munro's of Keera and H.G Munro. Pioneers of the Bingara district

Munros of Keera

CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) National Rally

CMCA National Rally

Image: Rock Ned, No history is complete without the inclusion of Australia’s greatest buckjumper

Rocky Ned


Community Diary

Community Diary

Lifestyle & Nature

Bird Talk the Eastern Koel

Bird Talk – Eastern Koel

Bird Talk - Eastern Koel (Eudynamys orientalis Cuculidae) Bird Talk is a weekly column to show case birds found within this northern area. The...
Keeping Children and Pets safe from Snakes

Keeping children & pets safe from snakes.

Keeping children & pets safe from snakes : Pets Keeping children & pets safe from snakes is frighteningly challenging for the reason of the highly...
The Grey Teal

The Grey Teal

The Grey Teal is not just a duck. Do you use single words to describe bird species? For example, parrots, pigeons, quails, ducks, honeyeaters, finches,...
Left for Dead. A book review on this true story

Left for Dead, the true story of Ricky Megee’s outback survival – a review.

Left for Dead, the true story of Ricky Megee’s outback survival. The outback is a very beautiful place – but venture into it unprepared and...
Image: Laughter is the best medicine for one 96 year old woman

Laughter, the best medicine.

Laughter is the best medicine and this 96-year-old woman's note to her bank is Priceless! The following is an actual letter that was sent...
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