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Animal Cruelty Charges Laid

Animal Cruelty Charges Laid in Inverell
Puppy Farming the abohorent facts.

Animal Cruelty Charges have been laid against 2 Inverell men in recent days. The new laws set by the NSW Government allow the NSW Police, RSPCA Inspectors and Animal Welfare Leagues to ensure prosecution to the full extent of the penalties.

Michael Gerard Flanagan, from Inverell, has been charged with 26 charges including three of animal cruelty after a raid on the Inverell puppy farm.

Police and the RSPC inspectors raided the property in September 2020 as part of the investigation.


Michael Flanagan did not appear in Inverell local court on December 3 to face the charges for the first time.

He has also been charged with 12 counts of failing to provide veterinarian treatment to an animal under his control: one count of failing to provide sufficient food to an animal and several counts of failing to comply with his requirements as a proprietor.

No plea was entered to the 26 charges.

The magistrate adjourned the case to a later date this month, December 2020, in the same court.

Flanagan has been ordered to appear in person.

The circumstances surrounding the animal cruelty charges where derived from the raid on the business located near Copeton Dam. 

The dogs on the farm had faced a life of suffering and were forced to breed constantly to keep up with demand of the puppy supply chain.

Northern tablelands MP Mr Marshall has been a strong supporter in the condemnation of acts of cruelty perpetrated against animals whether they be pets, native animals or livestock. He has made this statement on several occasions. 

He has been aware of the commercial farming enterprise of puppies at this facility for some time. The community has constantly brought their concerns about the facility to the local MPs office on numerous occasions.

The introduction of the recent toughened penalties for those caught committing acts of cruelty introduced by the NSW Government will seek some justice for those poor animals forced into this horrendous life. 

These modernised penalties at least match community expectations and will work with law enforcement agencies, the New South Wales Police, the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League to ensure they are applied.

In another inverell incident:

Police investigating the death of a dog over a week ago have charged an Inverell man with animal cruelty.

According to police, the 45-year-old man found the dog on his property early last Sunday and allegedly used a shovel and hammer to strike the dog multiple times to the head.

The male American Bulldog died at the scene.

The owner of the dog has been notified.

Officers from New England Local Area Command commenced an investigation into the incident and charged the man with serious animal cruelty on Friday.

He’s due to appear at Inverell Local Court in late November.

With Christmas approaching, if you are considering a pet as a gift, please look to approaching your local shelters.

 Consider the investment required, the level of care and attention needed by the animal and most importantly that the puppy or dog is looking for a forever home. Hopefully this then reduces the number of unwanted Christmas gifts being returned, dumped or neglected once the festive season has concluded.

 Have a Holly Jolly Christmas with your furry friends.


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