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Bingara Federation Families

Bingara Federation Families is a social history of a country town. The book.

Bingara Federation Families is a social history of a country town, its people, its commerce, and industry during the period of Federation in the late 1890s through World War 1 and the great depression to the 1930s

Written by community family members for the Bingara community 

Edited by Ron Irlam


Published by Bingara District Historical Society 


Anderson, Billy

Anderson, Mavis

Armstrong, A.L.

Aroney, Manuel


Baker, Herbert Charles

Baker, Jean

Barton, Sir Edmund

Batchelor, Elizabeth

Batchelor, Ernest

Batchelor, Esther

Batchelor, George

Batchelor, Ivy

Batchelor, James

Bathurst Convention 

Batterham, Bruce

Batterham, Charles

Batterham, Harold

Batterham, Majorie

Bennett, Charles

Biggs, Jessie

Bilsborough, Harold

Bilsborough, Sean

Bilsborough, William

Bingara Federation Banner

Bingara Telegraph

Borthwick, Alice (nee -Bull)

Borthwick, Thomas

Borthwick, Wilfred

Branch, Rev. Frank

Bridger, Alice Ann (Annie)

Bridger, Ann

Bridger, Aubrey Trayhurn

Bridger, Clair Trayhurn

Bridger, Clara Louisa

Bridger, Cyril Meredith

Bridger, Eileen Mary

Bridger, Emilie Winton (Win)

Bridger, Emma Jane

Bridger, Esme Irene -(Essie)

Bridger, Horace Oswald -(Horry)

Bridger, Horrie

Bridger, Ivor Trayhurn

Bridger, Jack Reginald

Bridger, John

Bridger, Marshall

Bridger, Sarah Elizabeth -(Nina)

Bridger, Scythia Sybil Annette

Brien, George

Brien, Gwen

Brien, Ted

Broadfield, Mr. W.

Brooks, Dan

Brooks, Ernie

Brooks, George

Brooks, Herbert

Brooks, James

Brooks, Roy

Brooks, Samuel

Brooks, Sidney

Brown, Eli

Brown, Marion

Bull, Alf

Bull, Charles

Bull, Colin

Bull, Douglas

Bull, Edward

Bull, Ernest

Bull, Frank

Bull, George

Bull, Henry

Bull, Joan

Bull, Kitty

Bull, Louisa

Bull, Madeline (nee -Newman)

Butler, Ethel

Butler, Grace 

Butler, James

Butler, Joseph

Butler, Julie

Butler, Louisa

Butler, Neville

Byrnes, John


Caine, Charles

Cameron, Carrie

Campbell Bridge

Capel, Mary Constance

Capel, Mrs Henry

Carmody, Mabel

Carpenter, Sophia Annie

Cassley, James

Centenary Citizen

Chamberlain, Renee

Charters, Bute

Charters, Daniel

Charters, Frank

Charters, Kay

Choice, Fred

Choice, Jack

Clifford, Barry 

Clifford, Mary (nee -Wearne)

Collins, Mr. W.

Connelly, Laurel

Connolly, Elizabeth Jane

Connolly, Percy

Connolly, Thomas

Cooper, John

Coulton, Madge

Craddock, George

Craddock, Tom

Craddock, William -Chappie

Crawford, Frederick -George

Cross, Alex

Crowley, Charlotte

Cunningham, Allen


Dasey, Sadie

De Kantzow, Charles

Dilley, Thea (nee Wearne)

Doctors Creek School

Dowell, Mr. W. S.

Mining Consultant 

Dufty, Elizabeth (nee -Howe)

Dufty, Ernie

Dufty, Florence

Dufty, John

Dufty, Richard

Dufty Rowley


Elkington, Harold

Elliott, Bill

Elvers, Doris

Etheridge, Mrs Edward

Everingham, Matthew


Fader, Isaac

Fay, Alice

Fay, Bert

Fay, Charles

Fay, Edward

Fay, Harry

Fay, Henry James

Fay, Henry John (Harry)

Fay, Henry Roy

Fay, James

Fay, Jane

Fay, John

Fay, Roy

Fee, Heetie

Finkernagel, William

Fisher, Majorie

Fletcher, Fred

Fletcher, Gordon

Foster, Norman

Francis, Jane

Frost, Molly


Gill, Albert

Gill, Gladys (nee Hartwell)

Gill, Ted

Goodwin, Dave

Goodwin, John

Goodwin, Mini

Goodwin, Tom

Graham, Bruce


Hall, George

Hallman, Edward

Hallman, Herman

Hallman, Mavis

Hallman, Ray

Halls, Helen

Hambrecht, Marie

Hamilton, Joe

Hammond, George

Hanton, John

Hart, Dr.

Hartigan, Don

Hartog, Alf

Hartog, Heinrich

Hartog, Joseph

Hartwell, Emma

Hartwell, John

Hartwell Thomas

Hartwell, Tom

Harvey, Phil

Haydon, Nancy

Heath, Lillian I. (Newell)

Helm, Alice

Heuston, Reg

Higgins, Elanor

Hill, John

Hill, Roy

Hill, William James

Hillier, Edith

Hillier, Richard

Hoad, George

Hoad, Vida

Hogg, Mary

Hogg, Stephen

Howieson, Frank

Howieson, James

Hughes, Glenda (nee Reece)

Hume, John

Hunt, Helen

Hutchens, Tim

Hutton, Rick


Irlam, Jill

Irlam, Ron

Iverson, Christina Maria E


Jack, Helen (nee Wearne)

Jones, Alfred

Jones, Ann

Jones, Jean (nee Wearne)

Joyce, Judith


Kelly, Annie

Kelly, James

Kelly, Mary Ann

Kennedy, Patrick

Kennedy, Reg

Kerrigan, Amy Elizabeth

Kerrigan, John

Kerrigan, Patricia

King, Edward William

King, James

King, Rodney

Kirk, Bob

Kirk, Elva


Lanagan, Herbert

Lanagan, Vida

Leahy, Sylvia Beatrice 

Lockhart, Jean

Loutit, Margaret

Lyons, Mary 


Macartney, Fay 

MacInnes, Nancy

Mack, Alec

Mack, Anna (nee Austin)

Mack, Austin

Mack Esther Inez (nee Wearne)

Essie Mack

Mack Florence (nee Capel)

Mack, Frank

Mack, Joseph Gardiner

Mack, Rawdon

Mack, William

Maddy, Kezia Charlotte

Makepeace, Herbert

Malonas, Jim

Matron, Blake

McMaster, John

McCoy, Ketha

McCusker, Pearl Madeline

McGovern, Elizabeth

McKidd, Louisa

McLeod, Heather

McManus, Alex

McManus, Denise William

McTaggart, Vincent

Meifarth, Christina

Meifarth, John Henry

Meiforth, Bertha Louisa

Meiforth, Christina

Meiforth, Emma Halana

Meiforth, Gertrude

Meiforth, Peter

Meiforth, Robert

Mitchell, Elsie (nee Borthwick)

Moore, Mr. S.W.

Member of Parliament

Morris, Harriet Elizabeth (nee Ross)

Morris, Hilton Henry

Morris, James Henry

Morris, Minnie

Morton, Henry

Mueller, Frederick

Mulligan, Charles

Munro, Donald

Munro, Gordon

Munro, Grace

Munson, Samuel

Murray, Walter


Neal, James

Neal, Sarah

Newell, Bill

Newell, William

Newell, William, George

Newman, Harry

North, Reverand E.S.


O’Brien, Ambrose

O’Brien, Frank

O’Brien, James

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, Peter

O’Gorman, Mary

O’Brien, Jean

Ogilve, William


Pankhurst, Brenda (nee -Brenda)

Parkes, Sir Henry

Payne, Len

Peacocke, Douglas

Peacocke, Victorix

Pepper, Doris

Pike, Jimmy

Pooley, Wallace

Powell, Florence

Price, Rev. Harry


Quickenden, Gwen


Rattray, Alexander

Rattray, Ina (nee Wallis)

Rattray, John Lesley

Reading, Agnes (nee -Trayhurn)

Reading, Henry

Reading Lloyd

Reading, Olga

Reading, William “Bill”

Reece, Annie Adelaide

Reece, Jacob Steele

Reeves, James

Reilly, Molly

Reins, George

Roberts, Rev. Sam

Robson, Milton

Rogers, Ernie

Rollings, Jack

Rose, Edna May

Rose, George White

Rose, Grace Elizabeth

Rose, Gwydir Winslow -(Jim)

Rose, Howard

Rose, Jane

Rose, Johanna Gooda

Rose, John

Rose, Joshua John

Rose, Ruth

Rose, Sophia Anne

Rouse, Cecil

Rumble, Herb

Ryan, Moira


Samuels, Hon. Gordon -Governor of NSW

Schroder, Alice Eliza

Schroder, Carl

Schroder, Thomas

Sewell, Ethel

Sewell, Janet Victoria

Shineberg, Dr.

Smith, Bill

Smith, Ivy

Smith, James

Smith John Philip (Jack)

Smith, Margaret 

Smith, Nancy Jean

Smith, Reg.

Smith, Rev. P.A.

Smith, Richard

Smyth, Doris

Smyth, Kathleen

Sparke, Ted

Sparke, Walter

Stanton, Wood, Gertrude – (nee Darley)

Steele, Isaac

Steele, Nellie

Steele, Thomas George

Streeting, Emilie Annette


Tepper, Ivy

Thompson, “Nuggety”

Thompson, Tom

Thompson, William Ross -(Scotty)


Todd, Edna

Top Bingara

Trayhurn, Cora

Trayhurn, Edwy John

Trayhurn, Pearl

Troutman, Keith James

Turner, Abe

Turner, Ann Selina -(Munson)

Turner, Clara Winifred

Turner, Claud Ambrose

Turner, Elizabeth

Turner, Elza

Turner, Mabel Mary

Turner, O.B.

Turner, Robert Abraham

Turner, Roy

Turner, Samuel


Vellacott, Helen

Vellacott, Reverend Geoffrey

Veness, John


Wakeford, Joan (nee -Wearne)

Wallis, Ada Jane (nee -McIntosh)

Wallis, Hugh

Walton, Olga Mary

Ward, Danny

Ward, Fred Thunderbolt

Ward, Venetta

Wearne, Ada Emily

Wearne, Albert Edward

Wearne, Amy

Wearne, Athol Baines

Wearne, Blanche

Wearne, Bruce

Wearne, Darcy Ernest

Wearne, Doris Edna

Wearne, Edwin (Ted) -Charles James

Wearne, Emily (nee -Dengate)

Wearne, Eric

Wearne, Esther Inez

Wearne, Frank

Wearne, Gertie

Wearne, Ian

Wearne, Ida Louise

Wearne, James Teare

Wearne, Jean (nee -Hallman)

Wearne, Joseph

Wearne, Madge

Wearne, Margaret

Wearne, Mattie

Wearne, May

Wearne, Minnie

Wearne, Reginald James

Wearne, Stan 

Wearne, Thomas

Wearne, Trevor

Wearne, Walter Ernest

Wearne, Will

White, Moses

Wilkinson, George

Williamson, Mervyn

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wiskens, Alfred

Withers, Samuel

Withers, Trevor

Wynham, Harriett


Young, Frederick Charles

Younie, Colin

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