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Bingara Jockey Club, AGM & History

The Bingara Jockey Club will conduct its Annual General Meeting on 25TH February at the Bingara RSL Club.

To commence at 7pm, office bearers for 2021 will be elected and members of the public are very welcome to come along and discuss plans for the next twelve months. 

A major item on the agenda is the Bingara Cup meeting to be held on 28th August 2021, having been deferred from the normal time due to Corvid 19.


It is always interesting to delve into the past and find out how long communities have been keeping their not-for-profit clubs/associations going. And this is especially true of Bingara Jockey Club, which is certainly one of the oldest in town. For example the Australian Town and Country Journal Saturday 20 July 1889 reported on a very important meeting:

‘ A Jockey Club has been lately formed, and at a public meeting for this purpose twelve pounds were subscribed and promised in the room; the subscription to qualify  for membership being fixed at one pound one shilling (1Guinea)’

Over 130 years later the club continues to roll on, but like all not-for-profit organisations help is always needed. As the old “saying” tells us, “Many hands make light work”, so please consider dropping in on the 25th February to help out. 

Enquiries: Daryl Burling 0428 238 706


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