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    Bingara Pre School Group Photo: The Local

    Bingara Preschool is set for another great year

    Bingara Preschool started 2020 with 23 students and finished the year with 37, a marvelous 62% increase for the year and certainly a wonderful endorsement of the efforts put in by staff and management.  

    However, what is really important is that great numbers have been retained for 2021, and Pre School Director Charmaine Reading advised that they are starting the year with 34 students. 

    This is both a great achievement and a considerable challenge that the staff are up for. 

    Charmaine advised:

    ‘All the staff at the Bingara Preschool are eager to support each child to learn, explore and grow. We are also very excited about the additional classroom that hopefully will be built before for the end of the financial year.’

    Extensions to the building

    Recently MP for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall announced a $172,330 government grant to establish another room at the Preschool. 

    In his press release, Mr Marshall indicated that the number of preschool spaces at Bingara is set to explode once the construction finishes. The upgrade will create space for an extra 13 children, an estimated increase of 38% on current numbers.

    Full details of the press release are found at:

    Bingara Preschool staff 

    Charmaine Reading – Director: Nikki Rose Photography

    Bingara Pre School Director Charmain Reading.

    Emma Smith – Educator: Photo Nikki Rose Photography

    Bingara Preschool Educator - Emma Smith

    Fiona Rattray – Educator: Photo Nikki Rose Photography

    Jo Coss – Educator : Photo Nikki Rose Photography

    Bingara Preschool- Isaac with Jo Coss - Educator

    Jaymee-Lee Yates-Gee – Educator: Nikki Rose Photography

    Bingara Preschool - Educator Jaymee-Lee Yates-Gee

    Amanda Parsons – Educator: Photo Nikki Rose Photography

    Bingara Preschool - Amanda Parsons - Educator

    The following information is found on Gwydir Shire Council’s web page and it is a very good reminder of the importance the facility is for families.

    Preschool Program

    The Bingara Preschool program is both spontaneous and intentional and whilst it reflects children’s voices, it also maintains a balance between freedom and structure.  Educators offer real life experiences, including: gardening, cooking, woodwork, music, art & drama.  Children learn as they play, so they enjoy it.

    Preschool needs to be FUN!

    Everyone is welcome at Bingara Preschool and if necessary support will be sought and provided for children and families with additional needs.  Community Health Services conduct speech, hearing and vision testing.

    Bingara Preschool organises excursions outside preschool and a range of special guests including African Dance and puppet shows visit preschool for incursions to broaden the cultural outlook in young children.

    The preschool is fortunate to have an active fundraising committee.

    The preschool is fortunate to have an active fundraising committee.

    Hours and fees 

    Preschool hours  are Tuesday-Friday. 8am -4pm.

    Children 3 -5 years.

    Bingara Preschool is currently free for two days. Any extra days will incur a daily charge of $20-$25.


    For enquiries please phone (02) 67241105


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