CMCA National Rally

    CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) National Rally

    CMCA National Rally: Bingara stakeholders in the starter’s blocks

    Bingara is well and truly in the starter’s blocks for the 35th Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia’s (CMCA) National Rally to run from 17th – 24th October.

    That was the message delivered by Jo Tremain the CMCA Bingara Rally Manager, to the good roll-up of Bingara stakeholders at the Roxy theatre last Wednesday. 

    CMCA Bingara Rally Manager Jo Tremain
     L-R Jo Tremain, Cr Catherine Egan, Ian Egan

    Following the presentation it was clear that it is a partnership between the visitors and the town and district. Included in the partnership are the staff and councillors of Gwydir Shire Council, people Jo said, she can’t do without.

    Significantly, Deputy Mayor Cr Catherine Egan and Crs Marilyn Dixon and Tiff Craddock were active participants in the discussions.

    Council staff members Jenny Mead and Casey McClymont organised the evening.

    Following the presentation Jo was very happy with the approach of those attending, and she expressed her satisfaction to Bingara Magazine: 

    ‘I believe the presentation was received positively. The attendees could see the potential for their fundraising or business.  We want to include the community as much as we can.  Having activities in other areas of the Bingara will allow the town to be showcased.

    I am more than happy to discuss further any ideas or suggestions.’

    Sam Bermel, Cr Tiff Galvin

    Population to double

    Bingara’s population will virtually double and the visitors will be looking for entertainment, food, activities, sporting events, walks, fuel, retail shopping, equipment, buses and support by health and the facilities emergency services.

    With the average age of the 70,000 CMCA members being 67 years, things happen, often at night and Bingara’s health care workers  need to plan and be ready to adapt to any situation.  

    To earn the right to facilitate the National rally for a second time is a wonderful endorsement of Bingara people, their organisations and a wonderful confirmation of what the town has to offer. The first time in 2008 was an outstanding success and judging by the confidence displayed at the meeting, 2021 will be even better.

    For a report on the first rally, please click:

    Bingara to host CMCA’S National Rally – Bingara Magazine

    However, there is plenty of work to do and Jo provided a list of the visitor’s needs and the opportunities available to meet those needs.

    Scott Mack, Sue Mack, Jo Graham

    Opportunities for businesses and not-for-profit organisations

    • Catering, food is probably the greatest need
    • Business advertising leaflets maybe place in the rally bags for each CMCA  member – there is a critical need to plan how to drive foot traffic into your shop/club/hotel etc
    • Place advertisements in the Rally Programme
    • Buses needed
    • Chairs are needed (They offer to buy and return to owner after the rally)
    • Need to hire of a box trailer
    • Entertainment and activities are high on the agenda – great fund raising opportunities

    Specific visitor’s needs

    Food: Evening meals at the hotels and clubs, breakfast, morning teas, camp oven nights, cake stalls, BBQs etc. (including catering at the showground), high tea at the Roxy Cafe 

    Activities: palates, tai chi, yoga tennis, golf, fishing, bush walks, tours, craft, bird watching, cycling, conduct a photography tuition and a competition, 

    Entertainment: Local talent entertains – School Band, other bands and artists, Roxy Theatre movies, matinee movies, wine/cheese nights, fashion parade, dinner/dance etc

    Shopping: Business owners to plan for increase sales, offer gift vouchers as prizes, shopper dockets handed out to enter competitions for prizes. Discounts, store competitions to attract customers, business advertising

    Fuel outlets: increased demand

    Op shops: Theme of the rally is “Living in the 70s”

    Demonstration: Inverell Car Club

    Arranged events open to visitors

    • Lion’s markets 
    • “Pulse of the Earth”
    • Others to be arranged


    1. Jo Tremian and her husband Derek are in town until the end of March and will return at the end of May. She is then here until after the Rally
    2. Rally Coordinators will arrive closer to the event to help with preparation and work with stakeholders
    3. About 6 weeks before the event, 250 volunteers with two containers of gear will arrive to set up the site at the showground. 
    4. Early members attracted by the river camping will start arriving early
    5. Rally commences with the AGM on 17th-18th October. Those elected will represent the 70,000 members. 

    Note: All planning is subject to change due to the situation with Corvid 19 

    Contact Details: Rally Manager Jo Tremain – mobile0412 097 377. Email

    Casey McClymont, Derek Tremain, Jo Tremain, Jenny Mead


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