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History through newspaper articles – Warialda

History through newspaper articles - Warialda Rabbit plague

History through newspaper articles enables us to trace the development of towns, the communities, the people, the industries, society life and enterprise. This week we revisit Warialda


Irwin Cleal

The wedding was celebrated at St. Augustine’s Church of England, Inverell, of Miss Jessie Erwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Irwin, of “Cornlea.” Warialda to, Mr. Harvey Aubrey Cleal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Cleal, of Long Street, Warialda.

The Rev. Canon A. Battersby officiated.

The reception was held at the home of the bridegroom’s parents, where about 120 guests were received by Mrs. Cleal.

Pride of place was given the three–tier wedding cake, made by the bridegroom’s mother and beautifully decorated by the bridegroom’s sister–in–law, Mrs. Athol Cleal.

The honeymoon was spent in Sydney.

SourceWarialda Standard and Northern Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954), Wednesday 16 September 1953


The rabbit pest is assuming much more formidable proportion in the Warialda district than for some years past, and certain persons are making as much as £1 per day in procuring skins for sale. The high price of marsupial skins have lately attracted much attention, and this is supposed to be the cause of the scarcity of men for shearing and other classes of labour.

SourceTamworth Daily Observer (NSW: 1910 – 1916) Thursday 25 September 1913, page 4 


At the recent Tamworth athletic carnival Jack Reeves (Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Reeves of Warialda) put up a good performance. Four qualified for the final of the 75 yard sprint, viz, Newman (6 ¾), K. Toms (Rydalmere) 6 ¾, J. Reeves (Gurley) 5 ¾, D. Green 6 ¾, T. Carney (Kirribilli) 8, and R. People 6 ¼. Reeves bounced out smartly and never left the result in doubt. He hit the front after three parts of the distance had been covered and won narrowly but well.

SourceWarialda Standard and Norther Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Monday 2 May 1949, page 2


At the last meeting of Yallaroi Shire Council Cr. C. S. Pyrkes in referring to the North West County Council threw some light on Warialda’s positions as regards electricity supply.

Inverell had decided to link up with the County Council. As Mr. Moore’s franchise will expire in October next Cr. Pyrke had enquired at the last County Council meeting as to Warialda’s position pending receipt of bulk supply from Tamworth.

As a result of subsequent interview with Mr. Moore by the Chairman and Cr. Pyrke, it was arranged that erection of the line between Delungra and Warialda be proceeded with as soon as possible, and that in the event of any break–down in Mr Moore’s plant temporary supply will be available from Inverell until the defect is remedied.

SourceWarialda Standard and Norther Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Monday 29 March 1948, page 4


To many of those who admire the beautiful foliage (poplars and willows alternating) along the Warialda Creek it may be interesting to know that most of the credit is due to Mr. P.P. Scrivener, who was Shire Clerk at Warialda a few years ago and who spent much of his spare time in planting and attending to trees around the town. Rev. P. A. Smith also generously contributed. Since leaving Warialda Mr. Scrivener has been located at Lawson as Clerk of the Blue Mountains Shire Council and has no doubt been interested in the reference to “his” trees in “The Standard”.

Source – Warialda Standard and Norther Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Monday 22 January 1945, page 2


The following question was asked by Mr. G. Crawford, M.L.A., in the State House: —

“Will the Minister for Education say whether the Warialda School is in a bad state of repair and that new premises have been promised.”

“Is it true that the Government Architect has not yet completed the plans?”

“If these are facts will the Minister give earnest consideration to the provision of two temporary classrooms to alleviate the position?”

Mr. Heffron replied as follows:

“It is true that the Warialda School is in a bad state of repair and should be replaced with a new building. Provision for this has been made on the building programme for some time and funds have been provided for it however, the plans have not yet been completed and some time will elapse before they are.”

“I know that there is urgent need for additional accommodation, and I propose to provide two extra temporary rooms to meet the requirements pending the erection of the new building.”

Source Warialda Standard and Norther Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Monday 21 May 1951, page 2


Margaret Ford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ford of Warialda, has been in Sydney (accompanied by her mother) for the past week training with Pat Walsh and Betty McKinnon for the State selection trials which began on Saturday, and from which Australian titles contestants will be chosen.

A brief telephone message received on Saturday night stated that Margaret had won her first trial and the Angus & Coote trophy.

SourceWarialda Standard and Norther Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Monday 12 January 1948, page 3



Tonight (Monday) in the Memorial Hall, Privates John Conway, Ron Cameron, and Ted Sohier, will be entertained at a farewell social, and tomorrow night (Tuesday) Gunner Eric Tomkyns will be entertained at a similar function in the Warialda Railway Hall. Gunner Tomkyns, prior to enlisting, resided in Warialda and was a member of the teaching staff of the public school.

SourceWarialda Standard and Norther Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Monday 21 July 1941, page 3


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