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History through Newspapers.

History through Newspaper articles across the Region - Mr. Warden Perry was returning from an inspection of the Upper Bingara mines his horses bolted, and ran the buggy against a stump
Runaway Buggy - artists impression. Highlights the challenges and dangers of the day

History through Newspaper articles across the Region

History through newspaper articles enables us to trace the development of towns, the communities, the people, the industries, society life and enterprise. This week we revisit Bingara

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Soldiers Medal

Sergeant and Mrs R. Young have just received from military headquarters a large bronze medal, which commemorates their brave young son, the late Oliver Richard Young, killed in action at Armentieres, France. This is only one of the many mementoes treasured by the fond parents in remembrance of their son. Among several others we may mention a handsome gold medal from Bingara, from which centre the young soldier was one of the first to join the colours. The medal in question represents the high esteem in which he was held in that centre prior to enlistment.

Source – Mudgee Guardian and North – Western Representative (NSW: 1890 – 1954), Thursday 31 August 1922

“Back to Bingara” Week

A big meeting, representative of the town and district, decided that Bingara should hold its “Back to” week in May, and devote the whole profits of the effort towards wiping out the debt on the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall.

A four day carnival will be held commencing on Wednesday, May 22nd, with sports, a ball, and a picture entertainment (the latter offered by the Old Picture Company).

Each day following throughout the week there will be sports, a bazaar, dancing, and other attractions. A stock drive is also to be held, and every owner of stock in the district is to be asked to contribute cattle or sheep from 20 head down to 1 head, which will be collected by Mr. H. J. MacInnes and paddocked, and later on sold.

There is to be an Ugly Man Competition, which it is expected will be very keen. Five candidates have been nominated for this event, namely, Messrs, W. C. Ridley, and J. C. L. Veness by the townspeople, and Messrs E. Dufty, V. Hallman and E. L. Bull by the residents of the Ridings of the Gwydir Shire.

Source – Warialda Standard and Northern Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954), Monday 1 April 1929


Bingara, Tuesday

Isaac Peatfield who was seriously injured when his car somersaulted on the Bingara Barraba Road a month ago, has died in the Bingara District Hospital. He appeared to be making good progress towards recovery, and on the day of his death was sitting by a fire in a private ward of the hospital, when he collapsed. The body was taken to Sydney for interment.

Source – Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 – 1954), Wednesday 18 July 1934

Shooting Accident at Bingara

Mr. Clarence Moxi, of Tamworth who was accidentally shot at Bingara on April 16, has made good progress towards recovery.

Mr. Moxi was taken to Tamworth in the motor ambulance on Friday lust where the X rays will be used to locate the bullet

Source – Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser (NSW: 1901 – 1940), Monday 30 April 1923


Motor Accident

A shocking fatality occurred on the Bingara-Keera Road on Sunday night, about three miles from town, when a utility driven by James Phillips, grazier who was returning to his home, about 12 miles from Bingara apparently got out of control and crashed head-on into a large gum-tree at the side of the road.

A passenger Frederick Carl O’Dell, 47 single, was killed instantly. He received severe injuries and difficulty was experienced in extricating his body from the damaged car. Phillips received only abrasions and shock and later was admitted to Bingara District Hospital.

Source – Inverell Times (NSW: 1899 – 1907, 1909 – 1954), Wednesday 3 November 1937

Motor Accident near Bingara

Ambulance Officer Arnott of Warialda; received a call from Bingara about 12:30 on Saturday night to convey four persons to hospital who had been injured in a car accident on the Barraba Road.

We have since ascertained that the people involved in the accident were Mr. & Mis. Cecil Milton Smith, Mr. Edward J. Lanagan, and Mr, Norman Hall.

The party were about four miles from Bingara when something went wrong with the car, Mr. Hall and Mrs Smith were out pushing the car, on which the lights were not turned on, when it toppled over an embankment 22 feet deep, at a culvert, the two who were pushing also going with it.

Sergt. Stennett and Dr, Hollingshead were on the scene shortly afterwards and the ambulance was summoned to convey them to Bingara hospital Messrs Smith and Hall were allowed to leave after having minor injuries attended to, but Mrs. Smith and Mr. Lanagan are still in hospital.

Mrs. Smith is suffering from concussion and shock, and Mr. Lanagan from shock and severe cuts and lacerations.

Source – Warialda Standard and Northern Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954), Monday 19 April 1948

Pea – Rifle Accident at Bingara

Master Geoff Hoad, son of Mr, and Mrs. G, W, Hoad, of Bingara, met with a nasty accident as a consequence of which he is now an inmate of the District Hospital, it appears that in company with other lads he went on a fishing excursion down the river, they rowed across the river in a boat, and late in the evening a storm arose.

A hurried preparation was made to re – cross the river, and fishing tackle and other paraphernalia were thrown hastily into the boat. Amongst these things was a loaded pea – rifle, which during the bustle was accidentally exploded.

The ballet struck young Hoad just above the right knee and passing through the fleshy part of the leg came out near the thigh, Fortunately, no bones or main sinews were touched, and the victim of the accident is expected to make a speedy recovery.

Source – Warialda Standard and Northern Districts’ Advertiser (NSW: 1900 – 1954) Saturday 23 December 1939


Bingara, Tuesday

When Mr. Warden Perry was returning from an inspection of the Upper Bingara mines his horses bolted, and ran the buggy against a stump, throwing him out. He was brought to town by motor – car and attended to by Dr. Demarco. He is now progressing favourably.

Source – Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 – 1954) Wednesday 30 November 1910

Fatal Shooting Accident at Bingara

Bingara, Monday – A melancholy accident occurred on Saturday near Keera Station, when a young man named Henry Rose, 20 years of age, son of a respected local farmer, was shot by his youthful companion, William Brown, while out after Wallabies.

Brown had aimed at a wallaby and the bullet, passing through the animal, struck, and glanced from a rock, entering Rose’s left shoulder, and deeply penetrating the lung.

Severe bleeding followed and the deceased died after lingering several hours after receiving his mortal wound. At the inquest, a verdict of purely accidental death was recorded. Universal sympathy is expressed with the bereaved parents.

Source – Freeman’s Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1850 – 1932) Saturday 6 January 1894

Fatal Accident at Bingara

Bingara, Saturday – A sad fatal accident occurred yesterday afternoon, when Johno. Anderson, 16 years of age, eldest son of a prominent townsman, was instantaneously killed.

While exercising a horse on the racecourse he collided with a post, and becoming unseated, deceased was dragged some distance and fatally kicked by the animal. Profound regret is expressed for the bereaved parents, who are old residents of the town.

Source – Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 – 1931) Saturday 26 May 1894


Driver’s Death

David Campbell, the driver of the Bingara – Barraba coach, who had a foot amputated on Saturday at the result of the accident, died yesterday morning. The passengers have quite recovered.

Source – National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW: 1899 – 1954) Wednesday 4 December 1912


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