Bruce Coss –Granted bail on murder charge

    Bruce Coss –Granted bail on murder charge
    Bruce Coss –Granted bail on murder charge.

    Bruce Coss –Granted bail on murder charge

     Bruce Coss was last week granted bail in the NSW Supreme Court. He has been accused of the murder of Darren Royce Willis in Bingara on the 10th December 2010.

    Since a court hearing at Moree in October 2019, he has been held in custody on remand.

    Strike Force Barca


    Darren Willis was last seen alive at the Imperial Hotel Bingara and following his disappearance, police formed Strike Force Barca to investigate his suspected murder.

    His body has never been found, despite numerous police searches and rumours.

    Willis was a real character, he went to school in Bingara, played football for the town and was well liked. He often drifted around the region, but always returned home and leading to his disappearance, he had become more settled.

    The events of 10th December created plenty of discussion in the town and Bingara Magazine reported:

    ‘Publically the mysteries of the night of December 10, 2010 have not been solved and sadly, they continue to hang over the community and especially the family of Darren’

    Bingara witnesses

    Two Bingara men, Robert Stonestreet and Scott Marle, faced the courts in relation to the alleged murder and received Intensive Corrections Orders (ICO).

    This is the most serious sentence that can be served in the community, but, it is not available for offenders convicted of murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, sexual offences against a child, offences involving the discharge of a firearm or terrorism offences.

    Robert Stonestreet

    Robert Stonestreet had witnessed the alleged murder and was told to keep his mouth shut. He told the court he was scared for his life and is now very sorry.

    Scott Marle

    Scott Marle on 1st October 2020 voluntary presented to police and had been arrested by Strike Force Barca. He was given credit for an early plea.

    Bruce Coss – Bail conditions

    Bruce Coss bail conditions restrict him from going within 100km of Bingara and he must reside at an address in Yurunga. He must report to police daily and must detour around Bingara when he travels to Moree for further court cases. He had to tender bail security of $100,000 if he fails to attend court.

    Coss has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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