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Allan Cunningham Cook Book

Allan Cunningham Cook Book
Allan Cunningham Cook Book can be purchased from the Bingara Newsagency. This purchase help the Bingara Historical Society raise funds for the maintenance of the Museum.

Allan Cunningham Cook Book features these wonderful recipes for you all to enjoy.

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Every week we will bring some great recipes from the “Allan Cunningham”  COOK BOOK. 


Thank you and acknowledgement to the Bingara Historical Society who compiled and produced this wonderful little book. 

You can purchase the book at The Bingara Newsagency for the complete recipe we provide here. The purchase of this great little cook book provides funds to the Bingara Historical Society to maintain the local Museum. 

 Allan Cunnigham Cook Book has some fabulous old school recipes that have been contributed by well- known local names. 

It was a thought to me how, ”in the day”, we spent much time around the dinner table in family conversation because the food brought us together. Now we eat in front of the TV,   listening to Covid News. 

What a great way to bring back those fond memories through recipes that brought families together over the preparation and the enjoyment of consumption in good food. 

This little book is dedicated to “all those wonderful country cooks who have fueled the engine rooms of their families, thus enabling them to work harder and prosper

Savoury Glazed Meatloaf a recipe from Jennifer Monie 


1 ½ lb Minced steak 

1 cup breadcrumbs 

1 tspn salt 


I medium onion …… 

For the rest of this quick hearty little recipe to try its on Page 18 of Allan Cunningham’s Cook Book 

This following little gem for a dessert takes me back to my Mum cooking for the shearers, (well feed shearers in those days!) 

Caramel Dumplings by Mrs M Mitchell 


1 cup brown sugar 

1 dstspn butter …. 


1 tblspn Butter 

1 cup SR Flour… 

You can find this recipe on Page 51. And everyone will love you for it. 

The first release of the Allan Cunnigham Cook Book in 1977 was a great success and soon sold out. A re print was produced in 1978 but it also sold out many years ago. 

Due to several enquiries about the book the Society decided that it was time to produce a third printing. 

This third edition of the Allan Cunningham cook Book has been updated with new artwork, corrections and updated weights & measures tables. 

We hope you enjoy the wonderful meals you prepare using this book. 

“Bingara Historical Society” 

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