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It’s Destination Gwydir

It's Destination Gwydir. The view from Batterham lookout over BIngara

It’s destination Gwydir, exciting times.

It’s now officially destination Gwydir, as strategies become reality.

This was the take-out from the August Committee meeting of Gwydir Shire Council. At the meeting Councillors were briefed on the exciting results of a strategic promotion.


And, it’s still early days of the digital based marketing campaign launched in April 2021.

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The aim is to connect with those thinking of life changes and lead them to discover what Gwydir has to offer.

In other words, make Gwydir a destination when compared to the alternatives, and it’s working.

Early movers are on the way!

Exciting times, new residents are coming.

Gwydir Shire Council’s Mayor Cr. John Coulton described his elation:

‘This is an exciting development. It started with the idea that we should advertise the liveability of the shire to those in COVID lockdown cities.

The goal was exactly what we seem to be achieving.’

The report to the Councillors at the meeting said:

‘To date three families consisting of five adults and six children in total are in the midst of moving into the Shire.

One has taken a lease on a rental property and two are searching for rental properties.

The two searching for rental properties have made offers to purchase land with the view to building. They are now seeking temporary accommodation.

All three families hope to arrive during August.

Two of the adults have accepted “hard to fill” employment opportunities (1 qualified cook and 1 aged care support worker). The third couple will seek to start their own market garden business.

In addition to these families there are several other families currently considering a move to the Gwydir Shire.

Standardised calculations of the value to the Shire’s economy of three families over a ten-year period is $9,200,000, a very significant return on an investment of just over $60,000.’

Mayor Coulton is also excited about the prospects in South Africa.

South African prospects

Council’s promotion attracted the attention of a Sydney solicitor who helps South African citizens emigrate to Australia.

Cr. Coulton explained the possibilities this opened up:

‘There is great interest in Australia as a destination. While this is by no means a new development, Gwydir has been discovered and we are taking preliminary steps to see if this interest gains traction.

Many farmers are seeking to leave South Africa and purchase land in Australia while others are looking for management jobs and others are happy to simply work in the rural sector.

There are many more fields of interest including teaching, medical, engineering, mechanics to name a few.

I’m looking at this project with optimism and enthusiasm’

Employment opportunities

The Councillors were told:

‘A further, unexpected benefit of the campaign has been significant interest in employment opportunities both within the Shire boundaries and within Council itself.

As funds for the social media advertising component of the campaign draw to a close, we will be utilising a host of current employment opportunities to endeavour to reach a new audience of high-quality candidates for these positions.

If successful, this new strategy will bring a further return on investment.

To date a $60,000 investment has achieved the following number of social media advertisement views:

Our advertisements have been seen 767,824 times. The number of clicks to date has seen 18,946 people have clicked on one of our social media advertisements.’

Number of subscribers to our monthly Tree Change newsletter is 3010.’

Finally, Council is certainly on the right track to import people into the shire.

While the economics of destination Gwydir is undoubted, new people bring skills, inject capital and enthusiasm.

New people get involved, they are keen to adopt their new town and enjoy the lifestyle.

The amount of enrichment they bring to rural communities is enormous and therefore, the importance of putting out the “welcome mat” can never be over stated.

Fortunately, this is something the towns and villages are very good at, and therefore, the arrival of new residents is eagerly awaited.

Warialda – Destination Gwydir Shire

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