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 The reasons WEIGHT creeps on

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 The reasons WEIGHT creeps on when you think you’re doing all things right 

So, you’re eating well, exercising, doing all the right things….so why, why, why won’t your pants button up? 

It maddening that these stubborn kilos just hang onto us. Especially when we are contending with lockdown and isolation and we really are investing in our health as a priority. 


When we readily accept it’s Ok to gain a few kilos after holidaying or maybe you’ve hurt your knee and you’ve been couch bingeing on TV (and Tim Tams) for a few weeks… (hands up that’s me) 

But when otherwise there doesn’t seem a reason for it, you end up screaming at the scales, “Why Can I not lose this weight?!”  

There are a number of reasons and you can find more out these sneaky weight gain reasons in Prevention Magazine October-November Issue Page 62. The article is written by Marisa Cohen. A great read covering 7 reasons why those pounds stay stuck. 

Some of the reasons covered are  

  1. Your insulin levels may be out of wack and she addresses an effective way to reverse this trend in eating a diet low in refined carbs and added sugar. 
  1. Stress and Exhaustion are slowing you down. Heavens who of us aren’t suffering stress with Covid hanging around! What else is worrying you, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and if your stressed by work then you’re more likely to be attracting weight gain. 
  1. Allergy Pills make you fat.  Did you know antihistamines may cause you to eat more? They cause drowsiness we know that but did you think that that makes you less likely to exercise?! 
  1. Portion sizes have crept up. Eating out and ‘upsizing’ or take away and home delivery meals tend to be larger portion sizes and this then distorts what a normal serving is. It may also be time to check your home cooked meals as is they have increased in size you may be consuming and extra 400 kilojoules a day right there. 
  1. Eating the right thing at the wrong time. There’s a connection between your circadian rhythm and the body releasing melatonin directly affect fat storage. 
  1. Your Healthy food is packed with kilojoules. Simply you can’t eat more of the healthy food you’re eating because you think it’s healthy. What we tend to do it turn off our ‘fullness’ perception. 
  1. Time…we are all ageing. Each birthday brings on a change to your basal resting metabolism. You could be less active every year and more tired. So eating the same amount your body is simply not burning as effectively as it was. 

There’s lots of answers and solutions to these reasons WEIGHT creeps on and you can kick start your weight loss as we come into spring. No better way to make use of lockdown time is there. 

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VIAMarisa Cohen
SOURCEPrevention Magazine October - November 2021
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