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Mum’s Morning Tea Slice -The Smoko Bikkie.

Mum's Morning Tea Biscuit, we called it the 'smoko bikkie' always enjoyed by the shearers.
Shearers enjyoing 'Smoko'. This image was sourced for interest only. Copyright https://remembernz.co.nz/page/5

Mum’s Morning Tea Slice -The Smoko Bikkie always reminds me of shearing time. The plate was left crumbless.

The sugar content in the condensed milk and icing sugar was never a consideration with the shearers, but it might be wise to eat them in some moderation, if you’re able to resist them.

When you bake something that reminds you of great times spent around the farm kitchen and shearing shed table it brings you immense happiness in the memories it recalls.


I love to sit and talk to my family over “smoko” and reminisce on the wonderful times we have had and plan what’s going to be had. It’s never better than when we have this slice to share.

Nothing makes me smile more than this slice. It reminds me of my Dad and he’d always ask Mum, ‘where’s  the Bikkie’s.’

 These simple, “bikkies” have been the comfort food of many hard conversations. They have been the soul of sharing special events. They have been the sustenance of shearers for their next two-hour race. They have been the quiet time of reflection and the celebration of much family laughter.

I am certain we all have a version of a slice or biscuit that fits this profile.

Try this one. I hope you enjoy it. It’s so simple and easy. Xx

Mum’s Morning Tea Slice “Smoko Bikkies”

1 Pkt of Morning Coffee Biscuits or Milk Coffee Biscuits

1 tin of condensed milk

2 cups of desiccated coconut or coconut flakes

4 oz copha melted and just warm

2-3 lemons juiced.

Lemon Icing:

½ cup pf Icing sugar sifted

2 tbspn lemon juice.

Line the tin with the Morning Coffee Biscuits

Combine in a bowl the condensed milk, lemon juice, copha and, coconut.

Spread the mixture over the biscuits. Cover the layer with remaining biscuits.

Ice the top layer with lemon icing by spreading with a palette knife.

Sprinkle with extra coconut and set in the refrigerator.

Enjoy xx


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