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Social Bowls for Bingara

Bowls News and Social Bowls News for Bingara this week
Social Bowls in Bingara

Social Bowls for Bingara sadly had a no show, there were no social bowls played last Wednesday.

Last Monday the final of the Mixed fours was played in the club championships.

 Georgina O’Keeffe, Irene Edwards, Graham McManus, and Graeme Mack, defeated Narelle Watts, Nicole Dixon, David Childs, and Stuart Dixon 29 shots to 16.


Col Moore Mixed Triples

Round 1 of the Col Moore Mixed Triples were played on Saturday with the following matches; Jill Carmody, John Robinson, and Graeme Mack defeated Bev Roberg, Col Roberg and Phil Brien 31 shots to 8; Irene Edwards, David Childs, and Graham McManus were defeated by Georgina O’ Keeffe, Jim Henderson and Col Whitfield 25 shots to 11; Narelle Watts, Kevin Galvin, and Trevor Galvin were defeated by John Herring, Robyn O’Neile and Garry O’Neile 19 shots to 16; Judy Mack, Paul Bond, and Ben Mack defeated Nicole Dixon, Dale Baldock, and Stuart Dixon 24 shots to 13.

Round 2 of the ‘Col Moore mixed triples’ will be played on Saturday with the following matches; John Herring, Robyn O’Neile and Garry O’Neile to play Dale Baldock, Nicole Dixon and, Stuart Dixon; Judy Mack, Paul Bond and, Ben Mack to play John Robinson, Jill Carmody and, Graeme Mack; Narelle Watts, Kevin Galvin and Trevor Galvin to play Irene Edwards, David Childs and, Graham McManus; Bev Roberg, Col Roberg, and Phil Brien to play Georgina O’Keeffe, Jim Henderson and, Col Whitfield.

Frost Cup

On Saturday 23 October the Frost cup play between Bingara and Barraba Bowling club will be played at the Bingara bowling club at 10.00 am.

The bowls club will need 21 names for the day.

Wednesday 13 October; social bowls                            1.30 pm

Saturday 16 October; Col Moore mixed triples           1.30 pm

Wednesday 20 October; social bowls                            1.30 pm

Saturday 23 October; Frost Cup in Bingara               10.00 am

Wednesday 27 October; Social bowls                          1.30 pm                 

Duty team: Kerry O’Bryan, Don Mack, and Graeme Mack

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