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Ditch the Dream and be a Doer!

Congratulations to all our young women and men here today, it is with great pleasure that we come together to celebrate your achievements throughout 2021.
Last year, we were grateful that we could enjoy our presentation events at The Roxy with all your parents. We are not so
lucky this year, but the staff has worked tirelessly to pull together the best of a disappointing situation.
On reflection after a challenging year in education and in our strive for excellence, there have been many successes that
we are paying tribute to today.


This has come from the hard work, GRIT, and determination to always achieve your personal best. This has also been
supported by your parents in collaboration with the staff at Bingara Central School.

We always have your learning at the forefront of everything that we do, no matter what circumstances are thrown at
“The world has plenty of dreamers, and while they are busy dreaming, the really happy people, the really successful
people, the really interesting, engaged, powerful people, are busy doing.”
(Shonda Rhimes)

Throughout 2021 our staff and students became doers. We ditched the dreaming, so that we could just focus on not only
what we had to do to survive but what we had to do for each individual in the school
to experience growth and success in their learning.
So, despite the difficult circumstances of the pandemic, we have had a year of doing and achieving our goals!

  • Our 2021 HSC Graduates are all leaving school with full time employment or early entry into their subjects of choice.
  • The staff have all undertaken training in Visible Learning and flowed these strategies into our classrooms through the development of BCS GRIT.
  • Our students have developed an understanding of the learning dispositions that are required for them to be successful learners.
  • We have enhanced our focus on student wellbeing with all our students having access to a Social Worker in School.
  • Our leadership team and staff have been introduced to the Resilience Project which will form the basis of our whole school student wellbeing program from the beginning of 2022.
  • Finally, we have achieved outstanding attendance rates in comparison to all other primary and secondary schools in
    our area.
    To all our students, the resilience and determination that you have implemented throughout the year towards your learning has been
    exceptional. You have shown that anyone can be a dreamer, but knuckling down, continuing to move forward and just focusing on being a doer, is what will get you the success that you strive for.
    In true fashion and for those that know me well, I will choose to remain forever the optimist. Hopefully next year we will get to do a little bit of dreaming. But I am predicting that 2022 will be the year that our community does not have to endure anymore uncertainty or hardship. We look forward to a full year of uninterrupted learning complimented by carnivals, camps, sport, assemblies and excursions.
    These and all the things that our students have been deprived of for the past two years.
    Congratulations again to our award recipients, this is a moment to stand and be proud of your achievements.
    Thank you.

Jacqueline Coombes

It all happened from start to finish for Jacqueline at Bingara Central School.
Jacqueline will complete her Certificate III in Individual Care (Specialisation Disability) in 3 weeks and is due
to commence her first position at Northhaven next week.
Congratulations Jacqueline, we are very proud of you.
“You don’t need to be great to get started but you need to start to be great.”

$2402.45 Raised for Bingara Community Comfort

Congratulations to Blaire, Tamiya and Zoe who have completed a mammoth effortfundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness month. A truly passionate group of students who are dedicated to this cause within our community. Their goal was to raise more money than what they did last year and that they did! Funds raised from Pink Day, donations,
and the raffle amounted to $2402.45 which will be donated to our local Community Comfort.

They would like to thank all the businesses who contributed to the raffle prizes.

Good Luck to our HSC Students

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