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Bingara Magazine (related organisation: Bingara Newsagency)

Owner: Rodney George King (Sole trader of both organisations)

Background: Bingara Magazine was a weekly print publication, sold in the newsagency from 2015 to 2019 and became a digital only publication in February 2020.

Comments: Being based in a rural town, with a regional and state focus transitioning to digital readership is a challenge where there is about 20% of the population over 60 years. Thus, facebook, popular with an increasing number of connected elderly, is very important for us. However, we need to be proactive and as a member of, Be Connected (www.beconnected.esafety.gov.au) I am committed to training elderly people in both the newsagency and other domiciles, such as the local aged care. (Where I am volunteer). This is a major strategy to be successful for a sustainable publication.

The Bingara Magazine as digital version is aiming for increased web presence by reaching more of our desired demography and interested readers from across our region and nationwide.