The last Regent Honeyeater for Bingara?

The last Regent Honeyeater

The last Regent Honeyeater for Bingara? Is the last sighing of the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater in July 2020, going to be the finale?  Has the...

Bingara, Adam Marshall “floats” on Gwydir River

Bingara, Adam Marshall floated on the Gwydir River as he unveiled Bingara’s latest tourism draw-card. Installed a few weeks ago, it has certainly attracted...

Debate on OPD’s Fires-Up: New roll bar laws versus learner licensing and training...

In the Red Corner: Debate on OPD’s fires-Up between the new federal laws and a national learner licensing and training scheme. The laws to be...
image NSW Service Bus draws communities into visit

Easier access to NSW Service

Easier access to NSW Government services and business transactions when Service NSW’s Mobile Service Centre visits the rural communities and residents in Deepwater,...
Image: More than a photographer is Chris Plevey

More than a photographer – Chris Plevey

More than a bird photographer; this was my conclusion after following Chris Plevey on social media, and from our discussions about his break-through photo...

Bingara’s Greatest Photo

Bingara’s greatest photo, what a huge call. The bird is the Regent Honeyeater and the photographer is Chris Plevey. A Facebook legend for his...
Logo: Vision 20/20

VISION 2020, AND 2021

VISION 2020, AND 2021 In 2005 Vision 2020 was formed out of a meeting to consider re-establishing the Chamber of Commerce. The first task of the...


 Councillors don’t budge on Roxy decision to merge the Information Centre into the Roxy Cafe on a trial basis, the volunteers had written a...
Covid-19 Vaccine roll out for Bingara

Covid-19 vaccination roll out for Bingara

Covid-19 vaccination roll out for Bingara, details for the Bingara Medical Centre. Bingara Medical Centre will expect to start receiving 50 vaccines per week on...
Logo NSW Police Service, Police News: Criminal network dismantled near Griffith resulting in five charged.

Police News

Police News saw the arrest of three after a search warrant was executed at Moree. As well as a woman has been charged with...

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